Wispers in my Ear

In the not so long ago, I nearly lost my life, but in that losing, I seem to have found a new one.

Never have I been a poet, nor a writer of any sorts.
But for awhile now I have been talking to myself on paper, not a big deal for most people I would imagine, but definitely out of my comfort zone to be sure.
I write these for myself, but perhaps will share with someone who may ever stumble upon this page and is inclined to read.

I found that sharing is a very good thing :-)

My Homecoming Moon

My Homecoming Moon
Dec.08 2008 5:30 a.m. - I am filled with wonder and love

Thursday, December 30, 2010

What Else Can I Say?

Its not quite the New Year yet, but figured since tomorrow night I will be doing the traditional closet cleaning out, (something I started doing over the past several New Years eves) I wanted to write a bit now, before the year closes forever.

I have so very much to be Thankful for, I am not really sure where to start. Outwardly my life has gone on pretty much the same these past two year since my accident and NDE. I live in the same town, run the same business, do basically the same daily things that I did before. But somehow something very profound has changed for me....on the inside. I am not really sure where all this is going, nor do I want to ponder it all very much either. Sometimes the more we try to figure things out....the more the answers of any kind elude us. Or at least that it how it is for me.

Since this past Sept. and the self printing of my book, I have had the opportunity to share with over 400 people, and actually let them know some of what had been to me, the most private of thoughts. Instead of being ridiculed, or laughed at, or brought down in some way, I found instead so very many people who were also hungry to share, some of their private thoughts as well. In sharing my experience, I have been sharing my soul with others.

I was asked by someone close to me if I thought I would ever get repaid for all the money I put out to have the books produced. Yet in not quite 3 months the donations people lovingly gave allowed me to reorder more as replacements for those given out, and the exchange of feelings and conversations with others could never be measured in any dollar amount. My investment has repaid me in a much greater way than more monies ever could.
If any of you people that have graciously allowed me to share with you via that book, find your way to this page, I guess right now I don't know what else to say but Thank You very much, Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I wish for us all, a very blessed New Year, with open eyes to see,what miracles surround us, and open hearts to love, just a bit more than we have before. We can do no more than this, for in that we will be guided as we need to be.

Yes, Happy New Year, and lots and lots of Love. :-)

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Well its a few days after Thanksgiving. Yet for me somehow the past two years have been a daily Thanksgiving of my heart. God gave me back my breaths, - my life. How then can I not dedicate every breath and every second of that new life back to him?
It has been two years since my accident and in that two years more has transformed in my soul and life, than in all the years of my life gone by. How special the world is to me now, how wonderous are the days I live, even when they are but everyday workings and routines. Yes, so much to be Thankful for, so much I feel as if I am bursting to say. But for now, I will count my blessings, give thanks for this moment, and go forward with this new day.

If you stop for just a brief second, and still your heart, perhaps in the stillness of the moment you can see the sparkle of life again. I know that it works for me. That in and of itself brings a state of Thanks to my very soul.

Yes Thanksgiving is a good time, Thanksgiving for me now, is everyday. God Bless us all.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

We look not at what can be seen but at what cannot be seen; for what can be seen is temporary, but what cannot be seen is eternal.--2 Corinthians 4:18

I will never be able to "prove" what I experienced during my coma and subsequent experiences, but all the proof I ever need lies within my own heart, and I can ask for no more than that.

A new life has been mine now for almost two years, I give thanks for each and every one of those days. Today is no exception.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

While I Was Out . . .

During my near death experience I was told that I would be sharing my story with others, and now this is my attempt to do so. I am not a professional author, just one ordinary person who was somehow allowed to have a very extraordinary experience - several of them!

If you have read my short story and would like to post any comments here, I would love to hear from you. I have already had such wonderful exchanges with so many people that I have met during my sharing of this journey.
Also, I hope you feel led to pass this along to someone that may be in need of some spiritual reflections. And if you would like more copies or would like to read my story for the first time you can contact me at itsluckie@msn.com

You can also post comments at WhileIWasOutAJourney.blogspot.com

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

So many months have passed. Yet the learning grows with each new day. My thoughts have taken many directions over those months, in a forward fashion to be sure.
I had been "told" while in my coma, that I would be sharing with many, and would find myself doing thigs I have never done before, with talents I did not know I had. That fact seems to be slowly becoming a reality now, and I watch in amazment and gratitude as it unfolds. Too much to write about here, nor the need to do so, but it has happened and I again give Thanks for what has been and will be.

Summer is here and my heart is blooming with so much. Each day is a gift that I treasure and tuck away inside my being, knowing that my store house of treasures is becoming very full. The wonderful thing is, each day is a treasure for us all, 24 hours to be shared with the universe and the ONE who made it.

Today is my birthday. Funny how that has lost meaning to me now somehow. For now I feel in many ways, that each day is like that special feeling you had as a child when your birthday rolled around. For a brief time we would feel loved, and special somehow, because the day was ours. Birthdays are magic for children, and now, for sure, every day is magic for me.
So.... Happy Birthday to me, and Happy day to everyone.....a day to celebrate being alive!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Well the new year has begun. The past few weeks have found me going over the journey of the past year, wondering what to do now with my journaling, my learning, and my growth. I have decided, for perhaps for the benefit of no one else but me, to try and put some of that past year into words.

I have never been comfortable with seeing my inner thoughts somehow become concrete in the form of written word. But having been out of my comfort zone for many months now, in many arenas, it seems to have helped give me the resolve to give it a try, to capture my journey, so that I may share with others. It is exciting and daunting, at the same time.

So happy new year to me, Thank God I have been given this extra past year of life. I give thanks and am grateful for what ever life I may still be graced to have.

And I say blessings to womever passes this way and is led to read my words here.

I may not have the answers, but I do have the Knowing, not faith, but the Knowing that we are indeed, - truly loved.