Wispers in my Ear

In the not so long ago, I nearly lost my life, but in that losing, I seem to have found a new one.

Never have I been a poet, nor a writer of any sorts.
But for awhile now I have been talking to myself on paper, not a big deal for most people I would imagine, but definitely out of my comfort zone to be sure.
I write these for myself, but perhaps will share with someone who may ever stumble upon this page and is inclined to read.

I found that sharing is a very good thing :-)

My Homecoming Moon

My Homecoming Moon
Dec.08 2008 5:30 a.m. - I am filled with wonder and love

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Well the new year has begun. The past few weeks have found me going over the journey of the past year, wondering what to do now with my journaling, my learning, and my growth. I have decided, for perhaps for the benefit of no one else but me, to try and put some of that past year into words.

I have never been comfortable with seeing my inner thoughts somehow become concrete in the form of written word. But having been out of my comfort zone for many months now, in many arenas, it seems to have helped give me the resolve to give it a try, to capture my journey, so that I may share with others. It is exciting and daunting, at the same time.

So happy new year to me, Thank God I have been given this extra past year of life. I give thanks and am grateful for what ever life I may still be graced to have.

And I say blessings to womever passes this way and is led to read my words here.

I may not have the answers, but I do have the Knowing, not faith, but the Knowing that we are indeed, - truly loved.

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